I will not let this go

I will not let this go

With each New Year, and with every December 31 that comes along, I have my annual bafflement that somewhere in the past few years, it was collectively decided that we’re supposed to abbreviate New Year’s Eve and call it NYE.

I must have missed that meeting, but this also gives me an excuse to turn every New Year’s celebration into a Bill Nye Celebration. It’s also acceptable to use it to celebrate Space Jam too, purely because the Bill Nye Theme mashes up so well with the Quad City DJs’ Space Jam.

Then again, literally everything mashes up with Space Jam:

If that isn’t your New Year’s Eve Playlist, you can kindly get out of my face.

barkley hoopz saga

Now, this year was notably devoid of one of my blog blitzes I had done the past couple years. Maybe not notably. But it’s been a very busy December (actually a very busy year but I’ll elaborate on that in a bit) and I didn’t have a huge desire to post a bunch of tweets, tracks or memes I enjoyed over the year. I also didn’t have time to illustrate a post apocalyptic Christmas tale like before.

I haven’t drawn in a while! And the reason for that is, I don’t know if my illustrations are bad enough to count as “stylistic suck” like they used to, and they’re certainly not in the “good” category either. Also time. That’s the other reason. I’d like to start illustrating more, and maybe putting those up on my Tumblr? Practice is the only way I’m going to get into the “good” category, if that’s ever going to happen. That’s one thing I’d like to happen in 2014.

Favorite Things of 2013

I’m gonna keep this quick. This is my favorite image of 2013:

I think it sums up the year pretty well.

I think it sums up the year pretty well.

This is my favorite non-Space Jam mashup of 2013:

royal planes

This is my second favorite non-Space Jam mashup of 2013:

This is my favorite response to the most annoying trend ever:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.17.27 PM

Looking Into 2014

2013 was hard. Not gonna lie, it was one of the hardest ones I’ve personally had. I just kept having to move so many times, pretty much entirely due to having scumbag landlords. And early this year I’m going to have to do it again! This time I really want to make it count. Signing a lease on a studio would be like the best thing ever.

But that’s not even my main goal. The main thing I want to do is at least double my income from this year, from freelancing. Party due to the amount of time I had to spend on finding a place to live, and partly due to it being the first full year of freelancing and there were bound to be some hiccups along the way, but I’m coming into 2014 older, wiser, and having more than twice as many clients as I did this time last year.

My final goal is a creative one. I want to make Life After Fat, the web series I’m directing (with a very well-received pilot episode already) into something amazing. We’ve raised the funds, we’ve gathered a talented cast and crew, and the remaining 5 episodes are written. Production’s going to pick up in February, and I’m really excited, especially for Episode 5. You’ll see why later this year.



Ten Days To Glory

It’s the Final Countdown.

Now, if you’re still able to read this (that is, if your face hasn’t been melted off by those hottt lixxx), just imagine today’s post as one long inspirational 80s movie montage.


We have ten (10) days left in our Life After Fat Web Series Indiegogo Campaign and, guess what, we’re not where we need to be. Not even close. We’re very aware of that. We’re not delusional.  But really, all we need is one montage worth* of donations, and we’ll be sitting pretty.

YOUR donations!


If everyone who reads this were to put in 5 or 10 bucks, and then share it with their networks, it would make a huge difference. If you’re reading this and you’ve already contributed, you’re awesome! I owe you my firstborn.**


For anyone who’s ever embarked on a creative endeavor, you know what it’s like. It’s a harrowing, stressful experience, and as creatives, we really hate talking about money, much less ask for it. We’d much rather talk about art. All of us behind the series are invested in it 100 percent, and plan to make something of it no matter how much we make. But we really want to tell the best story possible–a story not just about a girl who lost weight, but hopefully a story that can resonate with anyone who’s had self esteem issues, or struggled with pursuing their dreams, or got toasty as shiz at a party and just really wanted a Rum and Coke Slushie.

For real though.

For real though.

I want to address what it’s like to jump from lover to lover, always hoping that a lukewarm conversation at a bar or a party can be the unconventional start to the kind of romance we’ve grown up worshipping. I want to talk about people who had passions as kids but couldn’t realize them because they wanted a social life more, and they have no idea what even makes them happy anymore. I want to explore what self-esteem really is — if it’s a piece of you that one day clicks into place or if it’s an amorphous force that is constantly shifting — and if we can ever truly be happy with ourselves in either scenario.

–Series creator Julia Pugachevsky, in an excellent post describing the goals of the series better than me.

We conquered Cafe Grumpy. Watch out, Lena Dunham.

We conquered Cafe Grumpy. Watch out, Lena Dunham.

*for the purpose of this post, one montage worth = enough to accomplish one’s dreams AND enough to fill up one song in the soundtrack.

**if no firstborn is available, I may provide you with a burrito of equivalent size.***

***burrito not guaranteed

In which I get really excited about media

Something weird happened in 2013. I kind of fell out of the loop. That is, the pop culture loop, and I don’t even want to call it that, because it’s too broad to really cover what I mean, but if I just say something about music or something it doesn’t cover everything I need it to cover. Does that make sense? Whatever. Music. Books. Movies. TV. All the things you’d put in an iPhone/Pad/Pod ad, if you were to put it all in Helvetica Neue Ultra-Light. That’s a sexy font, Apple.

Gif Unchained or Django Ungiffed?

Gif Unchained or Django Ungiffed? (should there be two f’s in “ungiffed”?)

Anyway, regarding my falling out of the loop: I’m not totally sure why this happened? I have some theories, ranging from the horrifying (shit what if I’m getting old?) to the cynical (maybe things just suck now?) to the practical (I don’t really have the money for media consumption) to the most likely (2013 has actually been a really difficult year okay and maybe time got away from me). I think there’s some truth to all of them.  And I’ll probably even address some or all of them later this month. I like being spontaneous.

However, in the past week (roughly) that’s changed. All of a sudden I’m totally finding stuff to get really into. And it’s exciting! Is this just because it’s fall, and there’s a lot to get excited about in the fall? Or is it something else? I don’t want to waste another paragraph on theorizing, so I’m just going to get into it.

Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

I had no idea what to expect with this new album, and I wasn’t even really into that critical darling of a song “Everything is Embarrassing” that came out a while ago. But this completes the holy trinity of cool, weird girls making cool, weird, sort-of-indie, pop, which also includes Grimes and Charli XCX.

Dum Dum Girls – Too True

DUDE. It’s been way too long since Dum Dum Girls have released a record, and they just released an EP last year. I was there. But they’re just so consistently GOOD that I know it’s going to be at least as good as all their other releases. Dee Dee Penny is my spirit animal. And I feel pretty gross calling anyone my spirit animal, so you know I’m serious. I’m really, really excited for January.

Hyperbole and a Half


I mentioned this like a million times before. I love Hyperbole and a Half, and when I found out the book was coming out, I started hyperventilating. And when I found out that Allie Brosh was doing a book launch event at Word in Greenpoint, I started hyperventilating again. I went this past week–it was crazy crowded and she read the first chapter of the book with her illustrations on the projector. Everyone just completely lost it laughing. I can’t wait to read the whole book.

Doctor Who

Thanks to Netflix I was able to procrastinate like never before got into Doctor Who by watching all seven seasons of the revived series in a few months. Good timing because the 50th anniversary episode is coming up this month and I’m secretly geeking out over it.

Steven Universe

This show’s the creation of Rebecca Sugar, who used to work on Adventure Time, which I also think is brilliant. This show has the potential to be just as good. It’s also the first show on Cartoon Network solely produced by a woman, which is awesome. Well, not awesome on them that they took this long, but awesome that they’re finally getting on it.

I also really want that damn Retina iPad Mini. The black one.

This is a thing that’s happening

Sometimes I need to be reminded of why I started this blog in the first place. Which was like, three years ago and change! Because a lot of the time I need to force myself to write/draw SOMETHING to avoid a multi month gap between posts. But there was a particular reason I started it, and that was to have an excuse to write things. And in a very 2013 way, it ended up taking a Buzzfeed article to remind me that, in order to be a writer (that is, to write things), I need to actually write things.

And that’s hard! It takes discipline to write things! It also takes discipline to edit things, find gigs, buy groceries, do laundry, and sign up for healthcare. Those, incidentally, are all things that I did this week but took longer than they would have if I had better discipline (that is, not browsing Buzzfeed articles, scrolling through Tumblr, or hate-reading my Facebook timeline.

But that writing thing? That’s something I can get on write now! (No.)* November, in addition to being a time where guys find an excuse to slack off shaving for an entire month, is known in writing circles as National Novel Writing Month, or annoyingly abbreviated as NaNoWriMo, which is absolutely the stupidest name I’ve ever seen for anything. And while I’m not exactly prepared to write a novel, or a screenplay or spec script or whatever, some bloggers have taken to it as an excuse to write a blog post every day, and calling it NaBloWriMo, which somehow manages to be even fucking stupider. In spite of that, I can get behind the sentiment.

I’m also glad that this idea came to me on the first of the month, and not sometime later this week when it would be too late to say I’m writing a post per day and have anyone take me seriously. Actually given my track record I still doubt anyone will take me seriously, but I’m going to make an attempt of it anyway. I would like for my writing to improve, and the only way to do that is to give myself a stupidly-named excuse to do it.

Here’s what to expect: Shorter posts than I’m used to writing, just to get them out there. Also less illustrations than I normally like to do. They take a while and I need to charge my iPad.

For today's post I'm just going to outsource the illustration.

For today’s post I’m just going to outsource the illustration.

In the next post: I get really excited about media.

*I took the liberty of adding in your (the readers’) collective commentary regarding that pun.


Uh oh. Hopefully, I didn’t use up all my good will the last time I asked for something, because it’s that time again.


That pilot episode I showed you last week, the one I directed and made with some friends? Well, the plan is to make nine more episodes of the series, but in order to do that we’re going to need money.

Now, we’ve already made a budget, it’s all very “charts” and “numbers” and other things I learned in high school that keep me up at night. We’ve done all the legwork, put forth our pilot and planned out the rest of the series (no spoilers), so now all we need from you, dear readers and fans of 20-something dramedies, is to pick your perk and be all like, “yes, please do make more, and I will cover your coffee and 1/8 of a lens rental for a shoot. How do I do that?”

To answer your first question, all you need to do is go to our IndieGoGo page:

Or just click here.Then look at the right column to see which perk sounds the best to you for your budget. We have some really good ones, like DVDs, posters, and totes. Perks start at the $5 level, and only get more awesome from there. How would you like to be an Executive Producer?

Or you could click the huge CONTRIBUTE NOW button, and pick your perk from the next page. It really all leads to the same place. You don’t even have to pick a perk; you could also just give us money if you’re the most generous person ever. How would you like to be The Most Generous Person Ever?

We’re aiming for $14,000 to cover our whole budget, which seems like a lot, but when you break it down into 9 episodes, it’s not that much at all. The main costs involved are booking locations, equipment (mostly rentals), art department (wardrobe, props, makeup, and set dressing), and feeding the cast and crew during shoots. If everyone who reads this donates at the $15 level, we’ll reach our goal in no time.

If you’re still skeptical, I can give you my personal guarantee that this series is awesome, and I can’t wait to tell the story with all the other awesome amazing people involved.

You can be a fan (on Facebook) too!

You can be a fan (on Facebook) too!