In which I get really excited about media

Something weird happened in 2013. I kind of fell out of the loop. That is, the pop culture loop, and I don’t even want to call it that, because it’s too broad to really cover what I mean, but if I just say something about music or something it doesn’t cover everything I need it to cover. Does that make sense? Whatever. Music. Books. Movies. TV. All the things you’d put in an iPhone/Pad/Pod ad, if you were to put it all in Helvetica Neue Ultra-Light. That’s a sexy font, Apple.

Gif Unchained or Django Ungiffed?

Gif Unchained or Django Ungiffed? (should there be two f’s in “ungiffed”?)

Anyway, regarding my falling out of the loop: I’m not totally sure why this happened? I have some theories, ranging from the horrifying (shit what if I’m getting old?) to the cynical (maybe things just suck now?) to the practical (I don’t really have the money for media consumption) to the most likely (2013 has actually been a really difficult year okay and maybe time got away from me). I think there’s some truth to all of them.  And I’ll probably even address some or all of them later this month. I like being spontaneous.

However, in the past week (roughly) that’s changed. All of a sudden I’m totally finding stuff to get really into. And it’s exciting! Is this just because it’s fall, and there’s a lot to get excited about in the fall? Or is it something else? I don’t want to waste another paragraph on theorizing, so I’m just going to get into it.

Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

I had no idea what to expect with this new album, and I wasn’t even really into that critical darling of a song “Everything is Embarrassing” that came out a while ago. But this completes the holy trinity of cool, weird girls making cool, weird, sort-of-indie, pop, which also includes Grimes and Charli XCX.

Dum Dum Girls – Too True

DUDE. It’s been way too long since Dum Dum Girls have released a record, and they just released an EP last year. I was there. But they’re just so consistently GOOD that I know it’s going to be at least as good as all their other releases. Dee Dee Penny is my spirit animal. And I feel pretty gross calling anyone my spirit animal, so you know I’m serious. I’m really, really excited for January.

Hyperbole and a Half


I mentioned this like a million times before. I love Hyperbole and a Half, and when I found out the book was coming out, I started hyperventilating. And when I found out that Allie Brosh was doing a book launch event at Word in Greenpoint, I started hyperventilating again. I went this past week–it was crazy crowded and she read the first chapter of the book with her illustrations on the projector. Everyone just completely lost it laughing. I can’t wait to read the whole book.

Doctor Who

Thanks to Netflix I was able to procrastinate like never before got into Doctor Who by watching all seven seasons of the revived series in a few months. Good timing because the 50th anniversary episode is coming up this month and I’m secretly geeking out over it.

Steven Universe

This show’s the creation of Rebecca Sugar, who used to work on Adventure Time, which I also think is brilliant. This show has the potential to be just as good. It’s also the first show on Cartoon Network solely produced by a woman, which is awesome. Well, not awesome on them that they took this long, but awesome that they’re finally getting on it.

I also really want that damn Retina iPad Mini. The black one.


Once again, it’s time for the beginning of a new year, and once again people are driving me completely insane abbreviating New Year’s Eve as NYE. I really can’t explain why I find it so nails-on-a-chalkboard annoying. Perhaps it’s because I expect every acronym with NY in it to have something to do with New York, or perhaps I can’t see that cluster of letters without immediately thinking of Bill Nye. And my blog has certainly covered Bill Nye before, along with Snoop Dogg Lion and Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP), which I’ve sort of made into a New Year’s Triumvirate. I really, really hope that catches on.

Why isn't this already a Saturday Morning Cartoon?

Why isn’t this already a Saturday Morning Cartoon?

Let me at least make an effort to explain the insanity. Way, way back in the mid-2000s, the site YTMND (which is apparently still a thing?) had a clusterfuck of a meme called Snoop Nye the Slam Guy, combining three pre-existing memes involving the Bill Nye theme, Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” and the Space Jam theme, which was often accompanied by a photo of Randy Savage. Still with me here? Anyway, for some reason this relic of long Internets past stuck with me and I decided to blog about it. And then I made the dubious connection of NYE = Bill Nye, and decided to run with it.

On top of that, last year I made a list of 26 Things To Do Before I’m 26. And I did a pretty good job of crossing most stuff off of that list! So I’ll do the same thing for this year, with my list of 27 Things To Do Before I’m 27. I guess it’s just luck that my birthday falls pretty closely to Bill Nye Day.

27 Bill Nye Day Resolutions for Before I Turn 27

  1. Let’s be honest here. I want to have some more crazy nights. Like, not all the time, but I’d like to have the option of ragers on the table.
  2. Go to more shows. I got kind of lazy around the end of this year, and when a band I liked was playing, I was like, “I’d like to do, but I’d also like to sit and watch DVDs.”
  3. Take better care of myself. Obama decided that 26 is the age where you have to provide your own healthcare, so I’m going to make this the year I start making healthier habits. More fruits and vegetables! Whole grains! Lots of water! In fact I’ll make water the only liquid I keep, aside from orange juice and coffee. And at least some sort of exercise. I don’t need to become a preachy health nut, but my youthful metabolism isn’t what it used to be. And no way in hell am I giving up cheeseburgers.
  4. On that note, I need to be able to provide my own healthcare. I will accomplish that either by becoming a successful enough freelancer to afford Freelancer’s Insurance, or somehow find a part time job that miraculously provides health benefits.
  5. Start dressing better. No need to buy more t-shirts; buy nice clothes that fit well and won’t unravel after 10 wears.
  6. Take some day trips, on the LIRR, or the Metro North Railroad, or even to New Jersey.
  7. Learn to log my hours. Include everything in invoices.
  8. Keep a really good track of expenses and income.
  9. Start #8 by getting ready for 2012 taxes. I don’t want to have to pay a ton like I did last year, so I gotta go through all the receipts and deduct ALL THE THINGS.
  10. Have more varied tastes when it comes to music.
  11. Make a new reel for 2013, and make a big portfolio update.
  12. Invest in some lights. They’re not even that much! These were recommended by Vimeo.
  13. Shoot more Super-8. ‘fetti 2: fête harder is begging to be made.
  14. Shoot more music videos. This may overlap with #11 (I certainly hope it does)
  15. Have a music video featured on a major music blog like Stereogum.
  16. Get something into a film festival.
  17. Hell, start writing a feature. There, I said it. If Lena Dunham can shoot a critical darling on a 7D, why not me?
  18. Learn Not To Fear The Internet or: Learn To Stop Worrying and Love The Internet
  19. That reminds me. Watch more movies, dammit. This shouldn’t even have to be a resolution.
  20. Ride the H Train while it’s still a thing. Instagram that shizz.
  21. Post regularly on The Once and Future Coffee Addict. Aim for once a week, but make sure it’s consistent (this may be the most challenging one).
  22. Have your writing and/or illustrations featured somewhere like Buzzfeed, Thought Catalog, or some other trendy site.
  23. In any situation, ask yourself: What Would Tavi Do?
  24. Depending on the situation, feel free to substitute Tavi for any of the following: Conan O’Brien, Lena Dunham, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Allie Brosh, Ryan O’Connel, Emma Koenig, Ira Glass, Florence Welch, Dee Dee (from Dum Dum Girls), James Murphy, Mr. Rogers, Bill Murray, Jake the Dog, Finn the Human, Batman, Will Patterson, Kristina Uriegas-Reyes, Zola Jesus, or pretty much anyone else you follow on Twitter.
  25. Avoid snark at all costs; approach the world with genuine curiosity and a celebratory outlook.
  26. If there’s one thing to cut back on, it’s derping around on the Internet.
  27. Don’t change a damn thing about your coffee intake.

Everything Went Better Than Expected (in 2012)

There comes a time in every long-running series’ life when they need to do a clip show. I just had my 100th post on here, and what better time to reflect on the past year than just before BILL NYE DAY? 2012 was a pretty insane year for me, and I’ve hand-picked and curated 12 artesanal moments from the past year that particularly stand out.


1. Filming ‘fetti

I’m pretty sure ‘fetti was what got the ball rolling on my triumphant return to filmmaking this year. Getting a Super-8 camera from the 60s off eBay and making my first Super-8 film was quite an experience, from carrying a ton of balloons on the subway to Will’s narration in the rehearsal. Having that short film under my belt led to a lot of opportunities, and I’m not sure I would have accomplished all the things I did this year if it weren’t for that.

2 & 3. Surprisingly deep moments with cab drivers in East Hampton

That whole East Hampton trip for my boss was a bizarre, weird experience where I drank more consecutive coffee cups than I ever had in my life, and picked up some skills I never thought I’d need. But the most interesting encounters I had were two different conversations with two different cab drivers out there. The first was the woman who picked me up from the bus stop late at night right after I had arrived, and I learned her whole story about how she became an East Hampton cab driver, how she used to live in the building I worked, and how on some nights she would drive drunk rich people home to Manhattan on a $600 bill. Everything sounds deeper when you’re driving down a dark country road in the middle of the night.

The second one was the day before my boss’s party, and a guy maybe a bit older than me picked me up in what looked like an airport shuttle van. Basically, we had to pick up party supplies from two places, but once the second party place saw our supplies from the first place, they refused to rent it to us and we had to drive around town to find more supplies. We found a hardware store and ended up getting coffee next door while I waited for my boss to call me back regarding the supplies.

4. Losing my job & beginning the freelance life

That same job didn’t last much longer beyond the East Hampton trip. The day I left for good, I was in such a weird, lightheaded state of disbelief that it was actually over that I didn’t really know what to do with myself. That very evening though, I had what turned out to be my first meeting with my first significant freelance client. So literally, one job ended and another began within a few hours of each other.


5. Watching the sun rise from my rooftop

I don’t always stay out all night, but when I do, I make it memorable. That rooftop scene that I made into the cover of Pitchfork’s Album of the Year 2013 came after a long crazy night that included a crust punk party, a pretty dramatic argument, taking buses and subways all over northern Brooklyn, me contemplating life ‘n’ stuff on a Greenpoint pier while looking at Manhattan all lit up across the East River, and meeting up with my best friend and the three girls in the above photo at the end of a warehouse show, just as the crusties started heading home. After meeting the guy from Neon Indian (who apparently lives in Greenpoint now?) it didn’t take much convincing for me to welcome everybody up to my roof to cap off the night by greeting the morning. Also conveniently for me, I was the only one who didn’t have to sleepily make my way back home after that.


6. Watching the sun rise from the A train

Yeah it was a ridiculous idea but it was worth it. And now, in New York City A.S. (After Sandy), I wouldn’t even be able to do it! At least not until the A Train can head to the Rockaways once more. You know, they probably didn’t realize it, but I really shared a bond with my fellow overnight subway riders. And I’m sure they’d be thrilled to hear that.

This amazing photo was taken on the first try by Matthew Narvin.

I had to post this amazing photo again. Taken on the first try by Matthew Narvin.

7. The brisket at the All New York’s a Venue First Anniversary Potluck

Oh man, that brisket? It’s like some real, game-changing brisket right there. And imagine, I never would have known about it if it weren’t for a raffle at The Bell House where Will was working the right night at the right place.

8. The Road Trip to New Paltz

Post-Job Me was more than happy to take a gig helping Kristina sell stuff at her boss’s pop-up shop upstate. Also, you know, road trip. I never would have guessed that I’d be driving so much this year. We took the scenic route, driving through the surprisingly gorgeous Hoboken and seeing some amazing views of Manhattan across the Hudson. We stopped at a diner for a float and some macaroni salad and talked to a weird guy. There’s always a weird guy.

Oh and I forgot to mention I was still getting acquainted with my camera and I glitched up half the photos I took with it. But look at that apartment!

Oh and I forgot to mention I was still getting acquainted with my camera and I glitched up half the photos I took with it. But look at that apartment!

9. Arriving in Montreal

Honestly I just miss being shown around Montreal by two gracious hosts with an amazing apartment.

midnight bus

10. The Ridiculously Early Bus Stop in the Middle of Nowhere 

Taking the night bus back to New York from Toronto was an experience. An experience we’ll never have again. Have you ever been sleeping in a cramped bus seat and then suddenly have to get out with your luggage to get chewed out by customs agents at Niagara Falls? Or then have to get out again, three hours later, at The McDonald’s At The Edge Of Civilization? I know there’s a lot of places you can picture yourself, but nothing prepared me for when I took in my surroundings while standing in line with a busload of strangers at a truck stop McDonalds. I can’t explain why that moment stuck with me, it just did.

This picture wasn't taken during the Post-Sandy Haze, nor was it taken during Sandy. It is pretty hazy though.

This picture wasn’t taken during the Post-Sandy Haze, nor was it taken during Sandy. It is pretty hazy though.

11. The Post-Sandy Haze

We all thought Hurricane Sandy was going to be a joke, so we all sat making memes even while the hurricane was bearing down on us. After the storm lifted though, we all had a chance to see the mess it made. It was kind of a lot to take in, knowing that half of Manhattan was without power and entire neighborhoods in Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn were badly damaged, and we were just a couple miles away from it all. As transportation slowly came back to life, it was hard to get back into old routines. Sandy dominated the news for the first couple of weeks after it hit.


12. The Triumphant Return of the G Train to a Winter Wonderland

The G train was, predictably, one of the last trains to come back after Sandy. The day it did come back, a winter storm hit, and I was completely unaware of both developments because all day long I was running sound on a web series shoot in the subway. After getting off the G for the first time in over a week and finally coming up above ground for the first time in hours, I was pretty surprised to see my neighborhood covered in snow.

2012 in Pop Culture

What will 2012 be remembered for? The year the world didn’t end? I already covered music and tweets, and now I’m going to cover everything else. I’d say they were all things I enjoyed, but some of the categories here are dubious honors at best.

Best Movie: Moonrise Kingdom


Best Movie Partially Shot on a Canon 7D (like the one I totally have): The Avengers

Best TV Show: Adventure Time


Best TV Show That Only Got to Show Half a Season This Year: Community

Memes of the Year:

  • Dolan
    tumblr_m5sj4af9gM1ryfhnso1_1280This is the tamest Dolan comic I could find. Most are decidedly NSFW. Yet the part of me that laughs at the utterly stupidest things can’t help but crack up at this.
  • Grumpy Cat
    1588057_15436740_lzGrumpy Cat snuck up on me and grumpily stole my heart.
  • [MUFFLED RAP MUSIC PLAYING IN THE DISTANCE]tumblr_mcc2u7QWam1rjsgixo1_1280Fun fact: While we were all quarantined during Hurricane Sandy, I laughed so hard at this meme that I couldn’t breathe, started choking, and eventually threw up. It would have been even more hilarious if it weren’t so traumatic.
  • Ikea Monkey
    tumblr_mfm753SKkF1rj6ffuo1_500Pretty much anything combining this photo with some faux deep Tumblr quote was more or less instantly hilarious. It was a good year for monkey memes! With the Ikea Monkey looking pretty much exactly like that botched Spanish fresco of Jesus from earlier this year, life imitated art in the best way possible.

Most Annoying Shitstorms:

  • The Backlash against Girls/Lena Dunham/Millennials in general: Oh man, aren’t Millennials just the worst generation ever? I mean, Lena Dunham had her own crap to deal with, running afoul of the P.C. Police, but just in general, this was the year Girls, Thought Catalog, Fuck! I’m In My 20s, and other Millennial Media came into prominence, and a whole bunch of grumpy older folks and more-successful-than-thou fellow Millennials came out of the woodwork to pounce. It was really obnoxious.
  • The Election: Not so much the election itself, but its effect on social media made going on the Internet much more stressful than it should have been. You end up with the conundrum of, “should I unfriend this person constantly making hateful political rants, should I unfollow them, or should I grin and bear it?” Articles could be written about this and only this, and I’m pretty sure a few were this year.
  • Hurricane Sandy: Pretty much the most literal shitstorm of the year, especially when you consider how it caused Newtown Creek and the Gowanus Canal to overflow.

Art Form of the Year: GIFs. GIFs are a gift. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. So much can be told in a gif. If a still picture is worth a thousand words, how much is this animated gif worth?


Probably more than you can comprehend.

Word of the Year: Derp.

Best Music of 2012

Prince Rama

Prince Rama

I always think it’s weird to do year-end “best of” lists. Last year the only one I did was for tweets, and that’s because it’s something I hadn’t seen before. This year, there’s just as many “top tweets” lists as everything else. Next year, it’ll probably be “best Instagrams” assuming everyone doesn’t collectively decide to quit using it due to terms of service changes (spoiler alert: they won’t).

But on everything else, it’s kind of like, who am I to tell other people what they should have watched or listened to this past year? I actually get annoyed when other websites do it. But on the other hand, it’s my blog, and if I actually have the gall to list my favorite tweets that I tweeted myself two years in a row, I don’t have any moral high ground over Pitchfork anyway. So, here’s what I think was the best music of 2012. You are welcome to disagree. For the most part I’ll present them without comment.

Best Albums

For each of these, I’ll post one song that I think sums up the album pretty well.

Prince Rama – Top 10 Hits of the End of the World 

Talk Normal – Sunshine

Titus Andronicus – Local Business

For this one, I posted a video because it’s amazing.

Grimes – Visions

For this one, I posted a video because it’s amazingly insane.

The Eastern Sea – Plague

Best Songs/Videos

I combined these two because I thought these three songs had really great videos that fit them extremely well. See if you can notice a theme between the three of them!

M.I.A. – Bad Girls

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

Icona Pop – I Love It

Best EPs

Dum Dum Girls – End of Daze

Agent Ribbons – Let Them Talk

For this one, I posted a video because it’s my legit directorial debut.

Best New Artist (also best band name)



Top Tweets of 2012

Exactly one year ago today, I made a blog post celebrating 2011’s top 25 tweets. Today, I don’t have much more to say other than the realization I had today that Cindi Zee from my previous series was apparently subliminally influenced directly by Lena Dunham. Makes sense.

Photo of Lena Dunham by Kristina Uriegas-Reyes (Twee Valley High)

Photo of Lena Dunham by Kristina Uriegas-Reyes (Twee Valley High)

And so, here are my picks for 2012’s twop top tweets.

As with last year, the year in tweets began with Pizza and Only Pizza.

Inspirational words from Courage Wolf. No comment necessary.

What this tweet doesn’t reveal is that the hat in question is the one I had gotten Kristina for Christmas. Mena Suvari likes my taste in hats.

I just really love this tweet. Orgy of Josh is the clear winner here.

I think 2012 was the year Hipster Haterade reached critical mass. It doesn’t stop the Vanguards of Old Media from running articles proclaiming “Death to the Hipster!” though. Kate Beaton is a genius.

When the Lord of Evil thinks you’re an dickwad, it doesn’t look good for you.

I love Grimes’ Twitter. It was hard to pick just one tweet from her, but this was definitely the most inspirational one in my shortlist of her tweets. I recommend following her now if you haven’t, and picking up her album Visions if you haven’t.

Second Ave Sagas is a great NYC transit blog. And this is a thing that seriously drives me insane. Smartphone speakers have terrible sound quality! Why do people insist on listening that way? Just to show off their amazing taste in music? It’s the aural equivalent of those super manly dudes sitting on the subway with their legs spread as far apart as humanly possible. Gah I get too worked up over subway etiquette! Maybe I’ll write about this at another time.

There is no need to be upset.

Lena Dunham had a pretty epic 2012. Her show is basically Millennials: The Series, and of course people who get paid to be pissed off about things got pissed off about it. Her Twitter is pretty brilliant. I suggest following that one too.

I think this is my favorite tweet of the year.

Thought Catalog came to be another prominent force in Millennial Media, for better or worse. The snarky Generation X Gawker world of online journalism has certainly taken issue with it, to which they responded with a hearty “u mad bro?” Anyway, this tweet is a link to an article, but it pretty much tells a 140-character story on its own.

Jenny Johnson is the only person on here twice. She got some media coverage recently by invoking the wrath of Scumbag Chris Brown and his legion of insane fans. Anyway, this tweet sums up my views on frat bros perfectly.

Azealia Banks had a great year. Like her, I truly love winter. Summer is overrated.

What would a best tweets of the year list be without one of Conan’s carefully curated once-a-day tweets? Conan is basically the honorary King of the Millennials, despite not being a Millennial himself. Also, Chick-Fil-A, right guys? Crazy!

Yeah, so Jenny Johnson is the only person on here twice because I had a really hard time picking between these two tweets. It’s so insane that people my age are having kids! She put it much more tersely than I did.

Dee Dee, from Dum Dum Girls, is who I wanted to vote for in Stereogum’s reader’s poll for Indie Rock Crushes. Her Twitter account is the best stream-of-consciousness Twitter accounts out there. Dum Dum Girls also put forth a great EP this year!

The Eastern Sea also put out a great album this year! I love Matt’s Twitter rants. I don’t know about you, but I got crazy sick of hearing people’s political crap this year. That also reached critical mass. The Eastern Sea provided some much needed nuance to the process.

Of all the people I know in real life on Twitter, Danny’s is the most consistently hilarious.

Natasha Allegri is a genius. She works on the brilliant show Adventure Time and is probably responsible for its Sailor Moon elements. I recommend following her, then Googling “Bill Cosby QWOP sweater.” You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Kristen Schaal. This was tweeted the night of the election, and I for one was ready to say good-bye to the shitstorm and forget about politicians for the next 4 years.

Sometimes I like to curl up with a good cup of coffee, a roaring fireplace clangy radiator, and read a good Wikipedia article.

I’m including this just because this is the one time we’ll ever see the phrase “gingerbread yurt” and I wanted to preserve this moment for the ages.

Click on that Twitpic. It’s a great way to end the year.

BONUS: Once again, my own favorite tweets of 2012. Self indulgent? Yes. Are they gems, all of them? Probably not. But whatever, I’m posting them anyway.

The Twelve Days of Blogsmas



Welcome! In case you missed the previous 99 posts, this is a blog written by a Once and Future Coffee Addict, often about Millennials, nostalgia and nonsense. Mostly nonsense.

Blogging is an interesting platform! It can be either verbal or visual, or both. While mine’s usually been more on the verbal side, I’ve always wanted it to have some kind of visual element. At first, I did that by blatantly stealing other peoples’ images grabbing whatever I could find off of Google Image Search lovingly curating content from across the Internet. Then somewhere along the line I started adding my own silly illustrations to the mix, and the quality there has gone from pretty rough to halfway decent.

Today is a special milestone post for three reasons:

  1. It’s my 100th post. I’m impressed that I’ve made it this far! After two and a half years of posts of varying quality, I finally made it to 100 posts! You only get one 100th post.
  2. It’s my 26th birthday. And I managed to accomplish pretty much everything on my 26 Things To Do Before I’m 26 list! Stay tuned for a 27 Things To Do Before I’m 27 list.
  3. Just like with last year’s late December blog blitz, today I’m kicking off Twelve Days of Blogsmas! Since my birthday’s 11 days before the end of the year, starting today I’ll be posting once a day through December 31! Are you ready to handle the intensity of 11 MORE BLOG POSTS I DON’T THINK YOU ARE. 

Beginning tomorrow with the End of the World, there’s going to be a Post-Apocalyptic Christmas series, a few posts rounding up the Best of 2012, and wrapping it up by looking toward 2013. Enjoy!